Our Strauss Recovery Solutions Online Document Generation and Management System is unique. We provide our customers with best-in-class software solutions enabling the effective creation, storage and management of documents and other information resources.

Our solution assists users in the efficient and accurate creation of uniform standardised documents catering for a number of variables and generated from approved templates.

Our Online Document System provides you with all the resources for a letter of demand per registered mail or normal mail as well as provides you with all details and documents pertaining to that letter. You have complete control over your letter process without the hassle of printing, posting and tracking yourself.

No matter how you run your business the Online Document Management System is a secure, proven and flexible system and offers all the tools necessary to increase your efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. We believe in continuous improvement and are confident that we will be able to implement the right systems, processes and people to meet your needs.


Q: How do I access my account on the Strauss website?

A: Once you’re set up as a client, we supply you with a unique username and password so you can start using the system straight away.

Q: How long will Strauss Recovery Solutions keep my letter on file?

A: Letters are stored forever on the Document Management System

Q: How do I track my letter?

A: A link via our website will direct you onto the South African Post Office website, where you will be able to access details regarding the current location and history of the letter

Q: What Type of letters are distributed by Strauss Recovery Solutions?

A: Normal Mail

Registered Mail

Section 129, Letter of Demand

Section 127, Letter of Demand

86 (10) Letters to Debt Counsellor (DC)

86 (10) Letters to Customer

88 (3) Letters to Debt Counsellor (DC)

88 (3) Letters to Customers

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